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Shock Wave Therapy for ED Aventura

Shock Wave Therapy for ED Aventura

Are you looking into the benefits of Shock Wave Therapy for ED in Aventura? Contact MedSmart Wellness Centers if you have questions about safe and effective Shock Wave treatments for erectile dysfunction- we provide a free consultation as our way of saying thank-you for contacting us regarding ED therapy. Erectile dysfunction affects 10-30 million men in the US, many who never seek treatment because they’ve heard that there’s no cure for ED. DualStim Shock Wave Therapy can, indeed, cure ED permanently and help you live a better quality of life.

How Does Shock Wave Therapy For ED Work?

Low intensity shock waves are applied to the penis with a handheld probe and gel that is used to conduct the pulses. Anesthesia is typically not required since the patient only feels a tingling sensation in the area being treated. Practitioners at MedSmart Wellness Centers will set a particular number of shocks per minute for treatment and a fixed amount of time- typically 15-20 minutes for a session. Energy from Shock Wave Therapy stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, which increase penile blood flow and diminish the effects of ED.

Am I A Good Candidate For Shockwave Therapy For ED?

Your doctor will provide a thorough assessment and advise you as to whether you’ll benefit from Shockwave Therapy. To get started, request a free consultation with our medical team from MedSmart Wellness Center. Reach us by phone at 305-842-2244 or use our Web chat to speak with someone online. DualStim Shock Wave Therapy for ED in Aventura is just one of the many treatment options we offer for ED. By clicking the ‘Services’ link on our site and selecting Sexual Wellness from the menu, you can explore P-Shot treatments and therapy for Peyronie’s Disease. Typically, we treat erectile dysfunction using two delivery methods: oral medication and injectable treatments.

Don’t Let ED Be Your Story

There’s a safe and effective treatment available for erectile dysfunction at MedSmart Wellness Centers that will change your life. Why not speak with medical experts from our clinic about ED and learn about treatment options that are available to you? Surgery is not always the best choice- and it may not be what you have in mind when addressing your ED. You don’t have to commit to irreversible surgery or settle for invasive treatments- request more information about P-Shot and Shock Wave Therapy today.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Want to know more about how you can overcome erectile dysfunction without surgery? At MedSmart Wellness Centers, we offer patients a free consultation,which will give you time to speak on-on-one with an ED specialist, ask your questions, and learn a little bit about the way we treat ED. You’ll also find exhaustive resources on our website, including information about Peyronie’s Disease and sexual wellness. Now is the time to take back your life and reverse the effects of aging. Don’t wait- get in touch with our team from MedSmart today through Web Chat or telephone at 305-587-7589.

Shock Wave Therapy for ED Aventura
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Shock Wave Therapy for ED Aventura
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