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Oral Appliances for TMJ Westwood

Oral Appliances for TMJ Westwood

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre sells the highest quality oral appliances for TMJ in Westwood at budget-friendly prices. Here are some of the premier benefits of using an oral appliance for TMJ treatment:

  • Non-invasive recovery option

It is the most effective yet non-invasive recovery option for temporomandibular disorders. If the idea of surgery or medications intimidates you, trying an occlusal splint may be your best bet at recovering from temporomandibular joint pain.

  • Free-from risks and side-effects

Getting your TMJ appliance from an experienced treatment provider can ensure a safe and speedy recovery, free from side effects. Using an occlusal splint that is not the right fit or using it for too long can lead to temporomandibular disturbances, tooth pain, change in your bite, and other dental problems. Our TMJ appliances are 100% safe to wear and are free from side effects.

  • Affordable treatment option

Unlike surgery or other TMJ treatments, using an oral splint is easily affordable by all. There are different types of TMJ appliances at varying price points and you choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

  • Offers quick and lasting pain relief

Patients experience quick recovery with TMJ appliances. Unlike surgery, there is no recovery time when you use an oral splint for TMJ disorders. Several studies stated that patients experienced remarkable improvements in their TMJ symptoms within six weeks of use. By three months, patients achieved complete recovery from their jaw problems, facial pain, and other TMD symptoms.

  • Easy to wear and convenient to carry

Oral appliances for temporomandibular disorders are easy to carry during travel. They are also easy to wear, allowing your doctor to provide a custom-fitting splint for optimal comfort.

  • Reduces pain and TMJ symptoms

An occlusal splint or a nightguard fits over your upper teeth and protects your teeth, crowns, and implants from cracking or receive damage from poor jaw movements like clenching and grinding. These oral appliances relieve muscle tension and alleviate painful joint symptoms.

  • Improves sleep quality and overall energy levels

Oral splint for temporomandibular joint disorders prevents the soft palate at the back of your throat from hanging down into the airway and promotes the free flow of oxygen through the airway. Improved breathing can prevent sleep apnea and help you enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Restful sleep can improve your overall productivity at work, school, and in everyday responsibilities.

  • Prevent dental problems

Teeth grinding over a prolonged period can cause damage to your teeth and lead to dental problems. Besides, patients with sleep apnea breathe through their mouth, leading to bad breath, mouth ulcers, tooth decay, and other periodontal diseases. Using occlusal splints can reduce bruxism, improve breathing, prevent your risk for dental and periodontal problems, and promote better oral hygiene.

Dr. Shirazi can provide you with answers to what is a TMJ appliance and other oral splint-related concerns. We sell the best quality oral appliances for TMJ in Westwood and help our patients attain a safe and sustainable recovery from snoring, poor sleep quality, and jaw pain. Contact TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre at 805-496-5700 or 310-401-0813 to book an appointment with Dr. Shirazi.

Oral Appliances for TMJ Westwood

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