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Microneedling Kansas City

Microneedling Kansas City

Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics has a reputation for providing the best microneedling in Kansas City. Our facility differs from other med spas in the area because of our attention to detail and precise strategies. Plus, we provide multiple microneedling service options at affordable rates. When you turn to us at Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics, you can expect to look stunning without paying a fortune.

Vivace Kansas City microneedling services use radio frequencies to stimulate the growth of collagen. Although Vivace has recently launched, the non-surgical procedure has the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

Tightening the skin around the neck and face has changed since the introduction of the Vivace strategy. With minimal downtime and swelling, it is easy to see why Vivace is a preferred option for microneedling collagen induction therapy.

At our med spa in Kansas City, we are familiar with Vivace techniques and many other safe beauty procedures. You will find the most reliable Kansas City microneedling experts when you book an appointment at Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics.

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

The cost of microneedling services depends on the chosen procedure. Rejuvapen microneedling methods are less expensive than Vivace. However, each course comes with its impressive list of pros and cons.

Rejuvapen may stand as the most affordable service option, but Rejuvapen also requires longer recovery times. Both procedures will effectively stimulate the production of collagen, but each process remains unique. Not every microneedling procedure option works best for all patients. Discussing all potential opportunities with our staff at Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics can educate you about general costs.

Rejuvapen microneedling works well with all skin types and address unbalanced color pigments. On the other hand, Vivace microneedling with radiofrequency offers customizable treatment options.

Rejuvapen services require more frequent maintenance treatments to achieve the best results. At our med spa, you can count on plenty of service options performed by the industry's leading professionals.

Tips for Obtaining the Best Possible Med Spa Results

At Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics, we encourage our clients to mix and match the service we provide. Microneedling services combined with skin resurfacing treatment can beautify your skin and boost your confidence. People who look good tend to feel good about themselves. Nothing can beat looking in the mirror without feeling disappointed by what you see.

Intense light photo rejuvenation therapy also intensifies the results of microneedling procedures. Improving fine lines and reducing skin pores' size helps patients feel secure, confident, and attractive. Those diagnosed with severe melasma can benefit significantly from microneedling techniques. Taking care of your skin now can prevent wrinkles before they begin.

Scheduling an Appointment for the Best Microneedling in Kansas City

In today's unprecedented times, it is critical to practice self-care. Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics currently accepts new clients seeking microneedling and other med spa services. Please call 816-333-4430 to make an appointment or review your potential service options. Clients can improve their skin's texture, tone, and flexibility by scheduling an appointment right away!

Microneedling Kansas City
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Microneedling Kansas City
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