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Article provided by: Florida Springs Wellness and Recovery Center

Iop Addiction Treatment Florida

Iop Addiction Treatment Florida

Inquire about IOP addiction treatment in Florida by contacting our staff at Florida Springs or by accessing the free resources on our website. As you learn more about the value of intensive outpatient programs and how they help to prevent relapse during the recovery process, you'll understand why an IOP is so very essential to your own plan for lasting sobriety. At Florida Springs, we can offer patients a full continuum of care, starting with a thorough assessment and immediate placement into detox. Call our 24-hour helpline for more information.

Where Does IOP Fit in the Chain of Treatment?

Taking the appropriate steps on the path to recovery is essential in achieving long-term success. Patients who try to skip detox or create a DIY plan without help from a professional often find themselves back at square one without having made any progress in their recovery. For this reason, we highly recommend speaking with someone from our team when you're ready to take the first step toward healing from addiction. IOP is only one of several programs we advise patients to plan for on their way to wellness.

One Step at a Time

Detox in a luxury rehab center in Florida means your comfort will be a major priority to the staff, but before you settle on a Florida addiction treatment center that boasts luxury amenities, make sure that upscale perks don't replace quality care. Florida Springs is often referred to as the best rehab center in Florida for comfort, safety, and a long list of programs and treatment options offered to our patients. Following your phone call to our rehab, the next phase in your recovery is completing our detox program.

Addiction and Inpatient Drug Rehab

Once withdrawals have passed and you're ready to take on full-time therapy, we have a beautiful, luxury residential facility waiting for you at Florida Springs. You're still a long way from IOP addiction treatment in Florida, but you're well on your way. Recovery specialists agree that time spent in an inpatient rehab is crucial to lasting sobriety; we'll keep you fully occupied in the healing process with numerous activities in-between programs.

Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Programs

PHP and Outpatient Care are step-down programs that help patients transition from full-time treatment to normal life outside of our facility. PHP is sometimes called day treatment; just as with outpatient care, our PHP is more flexible than inpatient treatment and allows evenings and nights to be spent at home. Competing a PHP or outpatient program is important to the success of your recovery process.

IOP Addiction Treatment in Florida

After transitioning back home, you'll need ongoing support, meetings, and counseling to stay on course and continue growing more confident in the life you've built. IOP at Florida Springs includes relapse prevention, ongoing group activities, therapy & counseling, and a number of additional programs that will make it easier for you to achieve lifelong freedom from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

When you're ready to take the first step in your journey, call Florida Springs at 850-403-6566. We can answer your questions 24-hours a day or help with immediate placement into detox.

Iop Addiction Treatment Florida
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Iop Addiction Treatment Florida
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