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Dental Silicone

Dental Silicone

Dental silicone is used in dentistry in many different ways. It has gotten to be so with the help of technology. New technology is introduced or built upon every day. This is what has allowed dentistry to change the way that things are done at the dentist office.
Much of what is changing has to do with the use of silicone rubber. Some of these have to do with the fact that silicone can be shaped and colored according to the need. This has been used as components of some of the equipment. This is things like gaskets and covers. The dentist can even get custom made keypads.

Silicone is also making a change in patient care. Dentists are using the same methods just with a different product. Silicone works better for the dentist because it holds up to the wet environment of the human mouth. This allows for extended procedures. At the same time, it works better for the patient. This is because it is tasteless and odorless. This makes it easier for the patient to hold things in their mouths for long periods of time.
Silicone is also used on medical devices like the coverings for the drills, light, trays and many more items. You see silicone does slip or deteriorate it also will not cut someone's mouth or gums. Silicone has also given more options during common dental procedures. Instruments that dentists use now come with silicone bands. These bands can be color coded. They are also adjustable to fit the dentists liking as well as do a procedure faster with the same result. Silicone is used in and other things like the sterilizing trays and also in storing tools.

No-slip grip guards have become more and more common as well. These are usually used on things like the soundless drill and other tools like it. Another use for silicone is the polishing tips that are made with liquid silicone injection molding that is used to create a smooth and shiny surface. These can be used with things like dentures, crowns, bridges and much more.

Silicone has even made the rubber keypads better. Thou this advancement is still a somewhat new one. It does allow for custom made keypads that offer a variety of functions. They can be made for the drills and the water dispenser and even lighting. A newer product that seems to be in high demand is the silicone mouth prop. This is used mostly with children and the elderly. It helps them to keep their mouth open while the dentist works. These come in all shapes and sizes and can even be customized.

Silicone has even been found to help those with braces. They help with the pain as well as keeping their braces from cutting their lips. The silicone is placed on the brackets of the braces to provide a plastic-like seal.

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Dental Silicone

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