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Delray Beach Halfway House

If you're desperate about finding a reliable rehab center, we invite you to Delray Beach Halfway Houses! The reason why our programs rank among the best in the industry is due to two key factors - innovation and commitment. We know how difficult it is to combat substance addiction, especially in its more aggravated forms, which is why we've spared no efforts in building the ideal rehab treatment.

The program we're offering at our Delray Beach Halfway House relies on a multitude of strategies, including:

Clinical detoxification and stabilization - When looking to overcome the withdrawal phase, having a personalized medication plan is a must. The benefits are almost immediate, as the detox process will cleanse your body, restore the functionality of the opioid receptors, and stabilize your behavior and mental functioning. It's the first line of offense against the cold turkey syndrome, allowing you to better control your cravings and prevent the short-term relapse.

Psychotherapeutic support - While medication is vital when dealing with the withdrawal phase, our psychotherapies will take the treatment to the next level. This is the stage of the mental reconstruction. Our expert counselors will provide you with the ideal environment to heal, and will contribute to your mental stabilization during the treatment. Your aggressive tendencies will diminish, you will better control your behavior and emotions, and you will successfully fight off all the negativity clouding your judgment.

Spiritual rejuvenation - Prolonged substance addiction has the power to break your spirit with the same ease with which it destroys your body. At Delray Beach Halfway House, we know how critical it is to address this problem. We offer one-on-one counseling, group therapy, family support and a variety of recreative activities (snorkeling, swimming, BBQ, nature walks, sports) to help your spirit heal and flourish. With our help, you will once again experience natural levels of dopamine, as you will finally enjoy life outside chemical stimulation.

Social support - Humans are social animals. We like interacting with others, share our thoughts and emotions with those close to us, and thrive in positive social environments. Those who care about you will play a vital role in speeding your recovery and provide you with a familiar and comfortable spiritual setting. Their moral support is invaluable when talking about remaining sober over the years. Our expert counselors will make sure to help bring everyone together, repair broken marriages and fractured families, for yours and your loved ones' sake.

Relapse prevention support - You want to escape your addiction for good. Since the relapse will always remain a risk, we need to make sure you will never go back to the dark place that you're in right now. We will provide you with the key to a happy, healthy, drug-free life. It encompasses things like avoiding the social triggers, improving your nutrition, workout more often, set life goals to fight for, etc.

Our Delray Beach Halfway Houses offers comfort, a friendly, peaceful environment, competent staff, and access to some of the best rehab services in the business. Fight for your freedom and we'll fight beside you!

Delray Beach Halfway House

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