RejudiCare Synergy Purecleanse


RejudiCare Synergy Purecleanse

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RejudiCare Synergy™ Purecleanse

Gentle Cleansing Emulsion

Gentle, Effective Cleanser for Brighter, Fresher Skin

A gentle, effective formula that thoroughly cleanses the skin and prepares it for a complete daily routine.

Soothes and Pampers the Skin
  • Alteromonas Ferment Extract (AFE) protects skin from inflammation
  • Contains antioxidant properties
  • Very stable
Light Texture Cleansing Milk
  • Glides smoothly over the face
  • Works efficiently requiring no scrubbing with
    a face cloth
  • Rinses off with a splash of water
  • Non-drying, non-irritating
  • IFRA compliant fragrance

  • For normal, sensitive or ultra-sensitive skin
  • Ideal for skin prone to redness and rosacea
  • Ideal for oily skin
  • Efficiently removes makeup, oil and other impurities
  • Daily use soothes and brightens skin
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed
  • First step in the Rejudicare Skin
    Conditioning System


RejudiCare products use several different ingredients for the same skin problem that work together for better results and better patient experience.